SustenCorp offers a portfolio of sustainability services to complement our clean energy technologies and provide an one-stop-shop to our clients, that can calculate, reduce and neutralize their carbon footprint with us.

Our Sustainability Services

Carbon Footprint Calculation and Neutralization


Accountability of GHG emissions for reporting reasons due to the California’s State Regulation (AB32) or internal projects to identify opportunities and risks related to climate change issues.  We provide consulting services of GHG Inventory Reporting and Carbon Footprint Calculation following international standards as ISO14064, GHG Protocol and PAS 2050.

You can take steps at home, on the road, and in your office to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the risks associated with climate change.  Many of these steps can save you money; some, such as walking or biking to work can even improve your health!  You can also get involved on a local or state level to support energy efficiency, clean energy programs, or other climate programs.

Calculate and Neutralize your Carbon Footprint Emissions!

Carbon Footprint Neutralization

Carbon Footprint Neutralization is one way to reduce your footprint by taking measures to limit the amount of carbon we emit by making small changes in our daily routine. SustenCorp offers carbon credits which is intended to reduce the environmental impact of consumption.
-A carbon credit is a certificate or permit which represents the right to emit one tonne of carbon dioxide (Co2)
-First calculate your carbon footprint in order to assess how much Co2 you personally contribute to our planets atmosphere.
-Buy carbon credits to offset your Co2 footprint
-Carbon credits are investments that we offer to help support other green initiatives that help reduce the carbon footprint like investing in planting trees.

Carbon Emission Reduction Certification

Offshore wind farm

Specific solutions for projects’ development according the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Voluntary Carbon Standards (VCS, CAR), in order to support our clients in every steps os the process:

–  Identification of opportunities and definition of applicable technologies;

–  Previous feasibility analysis of projects, including financial analysis;

–  Technical documents elaboration (PIN, PDD);

–  Acompanying and anwser support for the validation auditings by Third Party;

–  Acompanying the approval process by the Designated National Authority (DNA)

–  Acompanying the approval process for project registration (UNFCCC, VCS, ARB);

–  Advisory for the implementation of the Monitoring Plan;

–  Acompanying the periodic projects’ verification of the emission reductions.

–  Acompanying and support during the CER/VCUs issuance and sales processes.

Certify your GHG emission reductions and generate carbon credits!

Green Corporative Strategies


We support our clients in the development of climate change corporative strategies and acompany/influence the new laws and regulations related to climate change, providing them the consulting services:

– Internal emission reduction targets,

– Strategies for GHG mitigation and neutralization,

– Greenhouse Gases Management,

– Sectoral benchmarking studies, and

– Sustainability Reports based on international standards as Global Reporting Innitiative (GRI), Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), Down Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), among others.

Communicate your Sustainability and Climate Change actions to the world!

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