Measurz – Energy Management Software

Designed to interface with all our products, Measurz collects and monitors data to help maintain system health and optimize performance. Measurz delivers real-time data over the internet through a cloud-based energy management system, giving the customer valuable information on product performance and energy savings.

Product Features

Real-Time Monitoring: Measurz revolutionary multi-product monitoring platform has the ability to monitor all our products in real-time. Performance Tracking: Measurz can track and store system performance data for long-term system analysis. Intuitive Interface: Measurz intuitive UI allows installers and customers to easily monitor system performance and system health. Advanced Troubleshooting: Measurz allows system owners and installers to quickly identify potential problems within a system and locate the components causing the issues. Energy Auditing: Measurz has the ability to perform full building energy analysis that can be used to evaluate energy saving solutions. Easy Implementation: No software installation or system updating required. Simply log on to Measurz with your user name and password to use the most up-to-date version of Measurz.

General Specifications

Measurz integrates seamlessly with all our products through JLM’s Smart Gateway Box. Systems not using JLM products can be configured using Measurz Node A and B hardware modules.