Gyezr – Solar Thermal Systems

Gyezr is an innovative, light-weight and low-profile solar water heating system. Equipped with a Micro-Controlled Array Thermal System (MATS), Gyezr is easy to install, architecturally attractive and one of the most efficient and cost effective ways to harness the sun’s energy.

Product Specifications

Collector Type: Glazed Flat Plate
Gross Surface Area: 20 sq.ft.
Dimensions: 144” x 20” x 3”
Dry Weight: 67 lbs.
Fluid Capacity: 0.5 Gallons
Frame: Aluminum
Piping: 0.5” Copper
Certification: SRCC OG-100

The Gyezr Advantage

Gyezr is equipped with JLM’s MATS™ technology that provides the system owner detailed and real-time feedback on the performance and well-being of the system components. With Gyezr, equipped with MATS™ technology, as the main component of a commercial grade solar-thermal system, the system is designed for reliability, scale and flexibility.

Individual Channels

Gyezr is the only solar-thermal collector in the world equipped with four absorber sections. The inlet and outlet of each absorber is accessible to the system designer. This provides unprecedented flexibility to system designers and installers.

Absorber sections may be configured for longer, meandering runs to increase the flow temperature or configured as higher number of shorter runs to increase system flow or any combination of techniques to optimize for the desired system requirements.

Configurable in Series or Parallel

With the four internal channels accessible, Gyezr provides infinite integration possibilities. Multiple Gyezrs in series would increase the flow temperature. On the other hand placing multiple Gyezrs in parallel would increase flow rate of the heating medium. Gyezrs are often configured in an array where the optimal flow rate and flow temperature would mean a series of Gyezrs configured in an array format.

Embedded Temperature Sensors mean Reliability

Each of the Gyezr channels is equipped with a precision temperature sensing device. These sensors can monitor the flow temperature at the inlet or outlet of each channel. Erroneous and sub-optimal installation of temperature sensors is one of the leading reasons for collector failure and shorter life. Gyezrs four temperature sensors are installed at the time of manufacturing which means greater accuracy and consistency.

As each channel temperature is monitored and reported to the supervising micro-controller, the system designer is freed up to design the installation as determined by the physical restrictions imposed by the building and not the limits imposed by the collector.

Embedded Micro-controller

Gyezr is the only solar-thermal collector in the world that is equipped with an embedded micro-controller. Therefore, if over-or-under-temperature is sensed in any of the Gyezr collectors anywhere in the system, the computer-actuated drain-back system empties the water-glycol solution from the system and allows for protective steps in the process.  This intrinsic system reliability is the backbone of the two other important attributes of a commercial-grade system: Scalability and Flexibility.


A select group of available solar-thermal collectors provide real-time monitoring of the system performance. However, none provide monitoring and performance assessment of each individual collector. Gyezr not only provides performance assessment for each collector but it takes this concept to a new level by providing performance monitoring for the individual channels of the collector.

This is simply unprecedented and it is one of the most important reasons behind the fact that since its introduction Gyezr has become the preferred solar-thermal collector for system designers. The detailed monitoring of each channel within the collector provides the system designer with the ability to identify problems before these localized problems impact the system’s overall performance or its longevity.


No wiring or connection to a power supply is required. MATS provides for energy harvesting technology that allow for all system power requirement to be supplied by the collector.  In addition, each collector is equipped with a FCC-approved radio that performs all data communication tasks.

Lowest Profile and Lightweight

With a thickness of 2.7 inches, Gyezr is the lowest profile solar-thermal collector in the marketplace. In addition, at 68 lbs., Gyezrs are easy to carry and be installed by a single person. Single-person installation saves time and money for our installers.

Industry-standard Installation Techniques

Gyezr borrows from the PV Solar industry’s proven racking system. The racks and the hardware clips are used commonly and are available.  This makes the job of installing Gyezrs turbines simple and cost-effective.

Energy Conservation and Energy Generation

Gyezrs are designed and manufactured by JLM Energy, Inc. JLM is an energy technology company that offers a wide range of energy conservation and energy generation products. JLM is well-positioned to help reduce the energy footprint of a building using the following products and services:

Gyezr™: Commercial Grade Solar Thermal Systems

Zefr™: Urban Arrayed Wind Turbines

Luminairz™: Efficient Enterprise Lighting

Solarz™: Flexible PV Solar systems

Energizr™: Renewable Battery Systems

Measurz™: Enterprise Energy Management

Common Control Software Platform

One of the key advantages of Gyezr is that it can be installed, programmed and monitored using Measurz, JLM’s cloud-based software platform. Measurz monitors the overall health of the system and measures the energy produced in real-time. This provides the opportunity to grow energy conservation and generation initiatives cohesively and incrementally by managing all initiatives under the same cloud-based monitoring platform.


The integration of features needed for system integration reduce the cost of installation and the overall cost of ownership by minimizing field failures. Typically, it should be expected that a system configured with Gyezr is 10% to 25% lower in costs when compared to competitors.