Gridz  –  Self Generation Grid

Gridz is the complete energy storage & demand management solution for on-grid and off-grid medium to large commercial applications. Custom designed, Gridz comes equipped with all the inverters, batteries and switch gear needed to significantly reduce or eliminate a buildings dependency on the electrical grid.

Product Specifications

System Packaging: 20’ to 40’ Shipping Container
Gridz Inverter: 30 – 100 kW, Stack up to 20 for a total of 2 MW
AC Output: 480V, 3P
DC Input: 580V
Battery Storage: Up to 5 MWh
Battery Options: LiFePO4, Flooded Lead Acid, Gel, AGM

Product Features

Grid Independence:  Gridz can be configured in several different ways to save customers money by significancy reducing or eliminating their dependency on the Grid. Instead of the system being a backup for the Grid, the Grid becomes a backup for the system.

Programmability:  Gridz can be uniquely programed to react to project specific time-driven and event-driven criteria.

Versatility:  With unique event and time driven programmability, the Gridz system can be used for various types of applications such as UPS, battery back-up, and demand charge reduction.

Integration:  Gridz can be seamlessly integrated with new or existing PV systems and Zefr wind turbines.