Energizr – Renewable Energy Storage

Energizr is the complete energy storage solution for on-grid or off-grid residential and small commercial projects. In a single unit, Energizr brings together four major components of an energy system: the power utility grid, renewable energy sources, an external backup generator, and energy storage.

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 32”H x 16”W x 9”D
Weight: 83 lbs.
Rated Power: 4.4 kW
Parallel Capability: 4 Units, 17.6 kVA
AC Input: 240 VAC (30A Breaker)
AC Output: 240 VAC (30A Breaker)
Renewable Energy Input: 240 VAC (30A Breaker)
DC Battery Connectors: 100A at 48 VDC
Battery Options: LiFePO4, Flooded Lead Acid, Gel, AGM

The Energizr Advantage

The Energizr product is the manifestation of our belief that the world of energy is moving away from central generation and towards self-generation. To realize the full potential of this inevitable and monumental transition we need to innovate with ideas, products and technologies. One of the key elements of success is the recognition that we need to allow various sources of energy to coexist in harmony. Our customers would have to be able to effectively and efficiently combine the use of renewable energy, the grid, energy storage and a local generator.

Clearly, the underlying effort of improving energy efficiency is critical. However, we need to also continue our focus on energy availability. Energizr is the first in a series of products from JLM targeting energy availability in a world of increasing self-generation.

Although Energizr is the first product of its kind, it is important to highlight its advantages over other products in the market. While Energizr is not the only product with these differentiating features, it is the only product that brings all of these features into a single, well-integrated platform:

On-Grid or Off-Grid

Energizr is designed to work seamlessly with or without the presence of the grid. Most customers are surprised to find out that their renewable resources, such as their solar panels or wind turbines, are deemed unproductive when the grid is not available. Energizr not only provides for purely off-grid situations but also it provides for productive use of renewables even when the grid is not available.

 Works With any Grid-tie Inverter

Existing solar or wind turbine installations, regardless of the brand of the inverter used, can connect seamlessly to the Energizr. This provides a tremendous opportunity for our dealers to upgrade their existing PV or wind customers.

Renewable Energy Integration

Energizr is equipped to integrate seamlessly with grid-tie or off-grid renewable installations. System integration is now as simple as connecting the output of the system to the Renewable connector on the Energizr.  Up to four Energizrs can be combined to yield a 17.6 kVA system.

Internal Combustion Generator Integration

In off-grid application, even in well-designed systems, there is always the possibility of running out of energy. It is important to fulfill the promise of energy availability by integrating an internal combustion engine with the system. Energizr provides for simple, integration and is capable of controlling a variety of different generators.

Attractive Design

Customers are pleased by a product that performs well. However, too often we tend to forget that the product design aesthetics are just as important. We expend a great deal of effort on providing an attractive design for our products. Energizr is touted by many of our dealers as the most attractive energy platform of its kind.

Embedded Communication

Energizr is designed to act as the nerve center of a highly available energy system. As such robust communication capabilities are essential. Energizr is designed to connect to the Internet or another computer using its network connectivity function which is equipped with Ethernet, Wi-Fi or a Cell formats.  In addition, for local or machine-to-machine communications, Energizr is equipped with a wireless, 900 MHz radio and an isolated RS-485 port.

Event-Driven Programmability

Energizr is equipped with two dedicated processors. One of the processors is in charge of measurements and communications while the second processor is managing various events to adjust the functionality of the system. An example of a real-time event would be the disappearance of the grid. Another example would be the depth-of-discharge of the battery falling below a certain level. In these cases, for example, the customer might be interested in adjusting the functionality of the system accordingly.

The disappearance of the grid might mean making sure that the essential loads in the system connect to the batteries instead of the grid. On the other hand, if the batteries are running low and the grid is still not available, the system owner might be interested in turning on the external generator. These are examples of events that are managed by Energizr.

Time-Driven Programmability

Some of the above events might be time or calendar-driven. For example, while the electricity is more expensive, during the peak hours, the system owner might be interested in using the energy stored in the batteries instead of using the grid. Such functions may be programmed by using Energizr’s calendar and energy tariff table functionality.

Demand/Response Platform

With event- and time-driven programmability, seamless communication capabilities and built-in tariff table functionality, Energizr is the only product of its kind penetrating the burgeoning demand/response marketplace for small and medium sized buildings.

Seamless Wind Turbine Integration

Energizr is the only Energy Storage System available with embedded wind turbine integration capabilities. It even includes a direct anemometer interface to monitor wind speed and wind energy production.

Embedded Transfer Switch

In grid-tied applications where the gird is the main source of energy, seamless battery back-up connectivity is critical for high energy availability applications. Switching the entire load from the grid onto the local, battery-generated micro-grid is the job of the transfer switch. Energizr is equipped with a transfer switch capable of switching to the local micro-gird in 16 ms which is less than one cycle of the 60 Hz grid.

Easy Installation

Energizr was designed with the system designer and system installer in mind. Several steps were taken to ensure ease of installation:

Single-stud Installation: A custom-designed bracket, shipped as a standard accessory helps with quick installation on a single stud. The system installer is no longer required to devise and install complicated and unattractive backplates.

Light Weight: At 83 lbs., Energizr’s weight is 50% lighter than its closest competitor.

High-level of Integration: System connectivity, measurement capabilities, AC breaker integration and AC and DC connectivity using on-board relays all serve as time-saving features for the installer.

AC Connectivity: The grid input, the essential load output, the generator input and the renewables input of Energizr may be interfaced with using the standard four-pronged AC connectors for quick and easy installation. On the other hand, installers can choose to hardwire any or all of these connections.

Common Control Software Platform

One of the key advantages of Energizr is that it can be installed, programmed and monitored using Measurz, JLM’s cloud-based software platform. Measurz monitors the overall health of the system and measures the energy produced and consumed in real-time.  This provides the opportunity to grow energy conservation and generation initiatives cohesively and incrementally by managing all initiatives under the same cloud-based monitoring platform.


Energizer can be configured to meet a myriad of commercial and non-commercial energy needs. It’s primary function is to reduce grid dependency by storing excess energy generated by Zefr turbine arrays and Solarz PV panels in order to create a more reliable renewable energy electrical grid.

Capable of running in four modes:

1. Grid-based system with battery backup

2. Off-grid system with PV and wind

3. Integrated grid, renewable and battery backup

4. Provides instantaneous battery backup