Chargrz – Battery Charger Designed for Renewable Applications

Chargrz is the most efficient way to charge renewable energy battery banks with a PV system. The unit is designed to be directly attached to the back of a PV module, controlling and maintaining the modules DC output so it can be used to directly charge a battery bank.

The Chargrz Advantage

Chargrz was built to be used with solar panels as large as 300 watts or directly connected to JLM’s Zefr – Small Wind Tubines. It is important to note that in a typical solar PV installation, the energy output of each solar panel varies depending on shading, manufacturing parameters of the solar panels in the system, temperature variations and the general health of the panels.

Chargrz is designed to connect to a single solar panel. As such its maximum power point tracking (MPPT) system optimizes the battery charging capabilities of the individual solar panel. In other words, Chargrz does for battery charging exactly what micro-inverters do for grid-tied renewable systems.

In a grid-tied system, a micro-inverter connects individual solar panels directly to the grid allowing for individual panels to optimally deliver their power to the grid. Chargrz instead does the same thing, but instead of connecting the PV panel to the grid, it is to a battery bank.

Product Features

Efficiency:  Increases PV system charging capabilities by up to 30%.

Reliability:  The system is capable of producing full power output in ambient temperatures up to 40°C.

Flexibility:  Compatible with battery bank ranging from 12 VDC to 60 VDC.

Convenience:  Each unit can be programed wirelessly through radio connectivity.

Real-Time Monitoring:  Each Chargrz unit is Measurz compatible and has built-in data logging for up to 365 days.