Carbon Footprint Neutralization

Carbon Footprint Neutralization is one way to reduce your footprint by taking measures to limit the amount of carbon we emit by making small changes in our daily routine. SustenCorp offers carbon credits which is intended to reduce the environmental impact of consumption.
-A carbon credit is a certificate or permit which represents the right to emit one tonne of carbon dioxide (Co2)
-First calculate your carbon footprint in order to assess how much Co2 you personally contribute to our planets atmosphere.
-Buy carbon credits to offset your Co2 footprint
-Carbon credits are investments that we offer to help support other green initiatives that help reduce the carbon footprint like investing in planting trees.

What are Carbon Offsets?

Carbon Offsets represent reductions in greenhouse gases (GHG) that compensate (or offset) emissions from somewhere else. Offset projects such as wind farms and methane capture at animal farms or landfills help individuals, companies, or governments reduce their carbon footprint.

Offsets can be bought and sold voluntarily, or as a way for businesses and industries to lower their compliance obligations under cap-and-trade programs.

Voluntary offsets allow individuals and businesses to counteract unavoidable carbon emissions by paying for reductions at projects that avoid or capture GHG emissions somewhere else.
Under a cap-and-trade system, offsets can be used by businesses and industries to help them comply with the program. The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative in the Northeast and California’s cap-and-trade program both certify reliable offsets.

While both voluntary and compliance offsets represent reduced emissions, cap-and-trade programs may have additional requirements or specifications for the types of offsets. The most important criteria for all offsets are Real, Additional, Verified, Enforceable, and Permanent.

Carbon offset providers balance out your carbon impact by ensuring that somewhere else on the planet, an equivalent amount of carbon dioxide is reduced as a result of your offset purchase. Generally speaking, except with reforestation projects, which can sequester emissions currently in the atmosphere, carbon dioxide isn’t removed from the atmosphere; rather emissions of new carbon dioxide are prevented. In either case, the environmental benefit is the same. Different offset providers have different ways of reducing carbon. Furthermore, the projects they sponsor for carbon reduction can pop up anywhere on the planet, from methane digester at dairies in Minnesota to wind farms in India.